We keep and constantly invest in approx 50 bee colonies, taking care of their survival in the winter, helping the bees to fight parasites, protecting them from poisoning during the seasons of crop spraying and keeping their nests and hives in good condition.

Our apiary is located within the premises of a photovoltaic power station. Thus, in addition to producing electricity, the land is used to produce bee products and provide enough pollinators in the region. A family of hedgehogs coexist with the bees in the photovoltaic PS and they take care of the hygiene of the apiary, feeding on the naturally died bees thrown in front of the hives. Moreover, lizards bask nearby in the sun, and quails and other birds nest around.

Although access to other types of wax is far easier, we have deliberately chosen beeswax as the raw material for making candles. Every piece of beeswax in our candle factory is of known origin – from local beekeepers who keep small or medium-sized apiaries.

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