We measure the burning time, as a candle burns continuously from lighting to burning, without intermediate putting (blowing) it out and minimal human intervention and at normal room temperature. Keeping the wicks short-trimmed, periodically putting the candle off after the minimum recommended burning time and re-lighting it will significantly increase the burning time. Since beeswax is not a factory-made product but a natural product, it is possible you may find minor deviations in burning time as the beeswax batches vary.

Tealight and Votive candles

  • Tealight Candle - 3-4 hrs approx.
  • Votive Candles - 20 hrs approx.

Scented Candles in glass jar

  • Scented Candle - 40 hrs approx.
  • Scented Candle - 55 hrs approx.

Dipped Rituals Candles

  • 22 cm slim candle - 1 hour approx.
  • 22 cm candle - 1 hour approx.
  • 27 cm candle - 1.5 hours approx.
  • 32 cm candle - 2 hours approx.
  • 36 cm candle - 4 hours approx.
  • 44 cm slim candle - 8 hours approx.

Hanukkah Candles

  • 13 cm candle - 1 hour approx.
  • 15 cm candle - 1 hour approx.
  • 22cm candle - 2 hours approx.
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